Costs of Treatment

Every patient’s case is unique and the testing and treatment plan recommendations are based upon individual circumstances. Therefore the costs can vary considerably from patient to patient.

Surgery is covered often by Medical Aids in South Africa. IVF and other assisted reproduction not. Finance for fertility treatment is available through First Health Finance.

The cost of fertility treatment depends on the type of treatment done, and the amount of medication required. Treatment such as artificial insemination costs approximately R4000 – R8000 per cycle and for IVF approximately R40 000 – R50 000 per cycle.

The cost will depend on the amount of medication used and whether additional advanced procedures are necessary such as ICSI or embryo freezing. For the EmbryoScope we charge R 4 500.

International Patients

The Cape Fertility Clinic welcomes international patients. We have a top IVF clinic in the country and a very well respected Egg Donation program. We treat patients from all over Africa, and from the rest of the world. Our standards are of the highest quality and Our Success Rates are comparable to the best centres anywhere. Many international patients take part in our egg donation program as South Africa offers a large pool of high quality donors and an excellent legal framework.

A highly attractive Touristic Destination

Cape Town is also a highly attractive touristic destination and has plenty to offer to its visitors. Beaches, mountains, the Wine lands and the famous waterfront are all within easy reach. Our international patients regularly confirm that the beautiful surroundings are conducive to a relaxed frame of mind. This is a wonderful antidote to the stress of fertility treatment. The Cape Fertility Clinic are Proud to be situated in Cape Town, South Africa. The 2015/2016 Telegraph Travel Awards chose Cape Town as the Best City in the World for the fourth year running. In Condé Nast’s highly acclaimed Reader’s Choice Awards, Cape Town also took the top honours as the number one food city in the world.

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